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World War I: Casualties, The War Dead, and Cemeteries

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Gold Star Mothers

A pilgrim of Party “L” at Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France-July 26, 1930. From Women and World War I Commemoration, American Battle Monuments Commission.

Burial Case Files

Most of these specialized records are only available on-site at the appropriate research facility.

Record Group 92 (National Archives)

Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General. See description of RG 92.

Includes Graves Registration Service, see the heading 92.9.1 Records of the Graves Registration Service (GRS) on the description page.

"20th Century Military “Burial Case Files” 1915-1939 (RG 92 NM-81 Entry 1942)"

Location: National Archives at St. Louis


Find in library catalogs

"World War, 1914-1918" "Prisoners and prisons"


James Thomas Abbott in Soldiers of the great war, volume 1, Illinois (pictures at beginning of each state). Online in Hathitrust. 

Casualty Lists


Military usage: any persons who are not present and ready for assignments. Includes sick, wounded, missing, held prisoner, dead, or any other reason.

Currently, often used interchangeably with dead.

Find sources in library catalogs:

"World War 1914-1918" "Registers of dead"

"World War 1914-1918" "Navy Registers of dead"

Memorial Hall, University of Delaware: Delawareans Killed in World War I

Memorial Hall, University of Delaware. Memorial Book. Contains the names of the Delawareans who died in World War I. Kept in glass case in the rotunda.


Memorial Plaques, on the walls of the rotunda.

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New York Times (ProQuest Historical)

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