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Veterans & Military Resources

Center for Minority Veterans

The Center for Minority Veterans (CMV) is an inter-and intra-agency designed to ensure all veterans receive equal service regardless of race, origin, religion, or gender.The CMV’s primary emphasis is on minority veterans which include the following minority groups: Pacific Islander, Asian American, African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American, including American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian.  Dignity and an acceptable quality of life are the products the CMV seek to deliver to the men and women who turn served the Nation.

Center for Women Veterans

The Center for Women Veterans was established to monitor and coordinate VA's administration of health care and benefits services and programs for women Veterans. The Center serves as an advocate for recognizing the service and contributions of women Veterans and women in the military, and in raising awareness of the responsibility to treat women Veterans with dignity and respect.

Women Veterans Health Care

Women Veterans Health Care addresses the health care needs of women Veterans and works to ensure that timely, equitable, high-quality, comprehensive health care services are provided in a sensitive and safe environment at VA health facilities nationwide. We strive to be a national leader in the provision of health care for women, thereby raising the standard of care for all women.Women Veterans Health Care provides programmatic and strategic support to foster positive changes in the provison of care for all women Veterans. 

Highlighted Resources:

National Native American Veterans Association

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

The National Native American Veterans Association is to dedicated to educate and assist Native American Veterans without regard to tribal affiliation, degree of Indian bood, branch of the Armed Forces, or combat status with regard to Veteran rights, entitlements, and benefits.