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Engl110-Lovitt: Finding Articles

What is a scholarly journal?

Where else can I look for articles?

As you advance in your research, you will often need to consult specialized databases that focus upon specific academic disciplines. 

To find these more advanced databases, which are listed by subject, go to Research Guides Select the subject that best fits your topic from the directory page to find a list of databases and other resources specific to that discipline or subject. 

For example, if your topic deals with advertising and body image, you might choose either Communication or Psychology as the subjects most likely to deal with your topic.

Searching Tips

If you find yourself getting frustrated when searching a database, here are some more specific commands to try:

  1. Select good key words by being flexible and imaginative.  Ask thoughtful questions such as, would the author have used the word "teenagers" or "adolescents" or both?
  2. Use truncation to command the database to search for various forms of a word.  For example, searching for econom* will include results for economy, economies, economic, and economics.  Truncation symbols vary by database, but * and ? are commonly used.
  3. Select search connectors suchas AND / OR to combine key words in a way that the database can understand.

AND Narrows

The connector AND narrows a search, retrieving only those records containing both terms.  Use AND when combinng two different concepts to find information that covers both concepts at once.

The darker shaded area in the image rpresents articles on both cats and dogs; therefore, a search using AND means that your search retrieves only those articles found with thin the darkest shaded area.


OR Broadens

The connector OR broadens a search, retrieving all records containing at least one of the earch terms.  Use OR when comvining synonyms or combining terms that express the same or similar concepts. 

The shaded area represents articles on either energy or fuel; therefore, a search using OR means that your search witll retrieve articles found within the entire shaded area.


Ask the Library

WorldCat Local

You can use DELCAT Discovery to search for articles from a selection of databases.  Use the Get It! button within the article's record to connect to the full-text of the article, if it is available.

To learn more, view the DELCAT Discovery help page.