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FASH490: Capstone Project in Fashion and Apparel/Retailing: Psychographics/Lifestyle

Euromonitor Passport

This database will require you to login at the CAS Login page when you are on campus as well as off campus.

Type for example "Philadelphia City Review " or "Consumer Lifestyles in the US" in the search box (top right).

Also look for special reports on the population/market segments. Type: "Strategy Briefing and Generation x" or "Category Briefing and Luggage" and scan for appropriate result.


Search databases for articles on psychographics or lifestyle. Consider adding a descriptive term for the age group such as Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X, Gen Z or Baby Boomers.  Example: "GENERATION Y consumers" and behavior.


Psychographics: "Demographic research that studies population groups with respect to psychological attributes, such as values or attitudes, as for marketing purposes" (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).

Lifestyle: "a particular way of living: the way a person lives or a group of people live" (

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