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FASH490: Capstone Project in Fashion and Apparel/Retailing: NAICS Codes/ Industry Information

What is a NAICS code?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), pronounced Nakes, was developed by federal agencies to use when classifying business establishments for the collection, analysis, and publication of statistical data.

Use the NAICS Search box to find NAICS codes by keyword (left-hand side) and further information. 

Examples of NAICS Codes for Apparel Industries include:
448120, Women's Clothing Stores   
448150, Clothing Accessories Stores
448140, Family Clothing Stores
448190, Specialized Apparel Stores (bridal gowns, raincoats, leather coats, fur apparel, and swimwear) 

Sourcing Journal

Sourcing Journal

Select the Market Data tab at the top of the page and choose topic categories of interest (e.g., Retail Sales Data).

Monthly & Annual Retail Trade Reports

The U.S. Census Bureau website ( offers useful information related to business and industry.

For data on retail sales, click on the link for Economic Indicators and look for the link to Advance Monthly Sales for Retail Trade and Food Services.

Another web page ( provides links to other retail trade data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Economic Census Data

The U.S. Census Bureau's American Factfinder website is a good source of Economic Census data for 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012. The Economic Census comes out every five years. It is the U.S. Government's official five-year measure of American business and the economy.

In October through December 2012, forms were sent out to nearly four million businesses. Respondents were asked to provide a range of operational and performance data for their companies.

The 2012 Economic Census data has been released. To obtain the data available, check out the 2012 Economic Census releases by state. Choose a state and then Retail Trade. The NAICS code for department stores. is 452111.

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