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Education: General Resources

Online Glossaries

The study of education is filled with terms that may be unfamiliar. The following glossaries are available to clarify educational terms.


Access a dictionary to look up the definitions of unfamiliar educational terms.

Credo Reference

Online Encyclopedias Available Through the Library


Handbooks are compendiums of information in a particular field.  Here is a selection of recent handbooks in eBook format.

The Handbook of Global Education Policy.  Eds. Karen E. Mundy et al. JOhn D .Wiley & Sons, 2016

Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology. Eds. J. Michael Spector et al. Springer, 2014.

Handbook of Research-Based Practice in Early Education.  Ed. D. Ray Reutzel.  Guilford Press, 2013.

International Handbook of Reserach on Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture.  Ed. Kathy Hall, et al. Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

Higher Education: Handbook of theory and research.Vol. 30.  Ed. Michael B. Paulsen.  Springer, 2015

Second International Handbook on Globalisation, Education and Policy Research, Ed. Joseph Zajda, Springer, 2015


For information on finding eBooks held by the library visit our eBook guide.

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