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Genealogy: Census Schedules Example: 1930

1930 Census (15th Census)

The 1930 Census is available in Ancestry Library Edition.

To find the database, go to the Library home page; start typing the word "ancestry" in the Databases by Name search box.

If you are affiliated with the University of Delaware, you can access this database remotely. If not, you can use the database by coming to the Library.


Select: U.S. Census Collection, then 1930

The page gives information about the 1930 Census and search tips.

Tips for Searching by Name

  • Use variations of spelling
  • Use initials instead of first name
  • Use advanced features, such as adding names of family members
  • Include name of place
  • Or, do not use name of place
  • Search by last name only or by first name only (need to have other information included in the search!)
  • Browse by place (works best for small areas)


Search by Name

Example: Dick Clark

Dick Clark on American Bandstand (from AP Images)

Search possibilities:

  • Richard Wagstaff Clark
  • Richard W Clark
  • Richard W Clark in New York state
  • Richard Clark with father named Richard and mother named Julia


Search box in Ancestry Library Edition



Census schedule


Closeup of census schedule


Father Richard

How to Find Collections by Place in Ancestry Library Edition

The list of collections by place option is hard to spot in Ancestry Library Edition.

  1. Select: Search, All categories on the top menu
  2. Box: Explore by Location
  3. Select: as appropriate: North America or United States, then select Delaware
  4. View: list of collections that include records about Delaware
  5. Click: See more About Delaware, to see collections unique to Delaware

Browse by Place in 1930 Census

A small place (a town or rural area) would be a good choice for browsing, if you can't find your person by searching.

Example: Newark, Delaware. Newark had only 2 enumeration districts in 1930.

Go to 1930 Census.

From Ancestry Library Edition, select 1930 from U.S. Census Records list.

Browse box is on the right.

Closeup of Census schedule: Newark, Delaware, enumeration district 100, East Cleveland Avenue.

Clues To Finding More Information

The 1930 census asked birthplace of the person and that person's parents. The entry for Francis Ferro shows that his father was born in Italy and his mother in Ireland.

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