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Genealogy: Family Histories

Finding Family Histories

Family histories, descendent lists, and genealogies are among the hardest works to locate. Many of these publications were privately printed and/or few copies were published.

Many, but not all, can be located using the subject term "Delaware -- Genealogy." Some of the works have only the name of the family or an individual as the subject term.

Useful terms include:

Delaware Genealogy
New Sweden History
Genealogy delaware
Swedes Delaware
name of the family

Location of Family Histories in the UD Library: Call Numbers

Call numbers for genealogies and family histories do not place the works in the same location. Some are classified as CS, some are E, and some are F.

Family Histories and Local Histories

There is a great deal of overlap in the sources counted as "family histories" and the sources counted as "local histories." Be sure to check both.

This is a selected list of family histories. Check DELCAT Discovery find more.

Books on Families: Call Number "CS"

CS call numbers are assigned to books that are genealogies or family histories of a region or country.

Books on Families: Call Number "E"

Search for Digitized Books

Many older histories have been scanned are available in Google Books. Tip: to search for a title, put quotation marks around it.

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Writing and Publishing Your Family History

Internet search: "writing your family history"

Search the Yellow pages for Books, Publishing.

Search the Internet for subject terms like these:

family history book printing

publish your genealogy

publish your own book