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FASH420: Assortment Planning, Sourcing and Buying: Psychographics/Lifestyle

Euromonitor Passport

This database will require you to login at the CAS Login page when you are on campus as well as off campus.

Type "Washington City Review " or "Consumer Lifestyles in the US" in the search box (top right).  

Also look for special reports on the population/market segments. Type: "Strategy Briefing and Generation x" or "Category Briefing and Luggage" and scan for appropriate result.


Search databases for articles on psychographics or lifestyle. Consider adding a descriptive term for the age group such as Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X, Gen Z or Baby Boomers.


Psychographics: "Demographic research that studies population groups with respect to psychological attributes, such as values or attitudes, as for marketing purposes" (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language).

Lifestyle: "a particular way of living: the way a person lives or a group of people live" (

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