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Using DELCAT Discovery: Getting Articles

How do I view the articles that I find using DELCAT Discovery?

The image below shows an article record that you might find within the results screen of DELCAT Discovery. The format icon indicates that this is an article. 

Look for a round, orange icon and a "View Now" link on the brief record of the article.  If there are options to connect directly to the article's content, these will appear here.  Clicking on these links will take you directly to the article. 

If you do not see this "View Now" icon, or if the links don't seem to be working, click on the article title to view the article's full information.

Once you are looking at the full description of the item, below, you will need to scroll down slightly until you see a small button labled "Get It!", pictured below.


Using Get It!

Sometimes databases will contain links to electronic copies of full articles.  These are known as "full text" articles.  Get it! is a system that helps researchers quickly connect to full text articles when searching online.

Get It! searches though the library's database and journal subscriptions to connect researchers to the full text of the desired article. When searching in a database that is Get It! -enabled, you will see a small link or button labeled Get It! beneath the article records that are returned by the database.  Clicking Get It! will either bring you directly to the article, or will provide the following options:

Clicking on GET ARTICLE will bring you to a copy of the article, while the GO TO JOURNAL option will bring you to the journal's home page.

If Get it! cannot locate a full-text copy of the article or an electronic subscription to the journal that published the article, you will see the following:

The best next step is to use the link to DELCAT Discovery to search for the journal by title or ISSN to determine if we have this journal in print in the library for the year in which your article was published.  If you have searched DELCAT Discovery and find that we don't have the journal containing your article, you can use the link to interlibrary loan to request that the article be delivered to you from another library.

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