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Citing Your Sources: RefWorks, Using the Write-N-Cite tool

Download Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is the RefWorks tool that inserts in-text citations and creates bibliographies or reference lists, when you are using Microsoft Word. Write-N-Cite needs to be downloaded to whatever computer you are using to write your paper.

Open your RefWorks account

From the top menu, select Tools, Write-N-Cite


Select Write-N-Cite 4 for either Windows or Mac

Download /install the application.

When you next open Microsoft Word:

  • In Windows, there will be a new tab called ProQuest for Word; it later changes to RefWorks.
  • In Mac, you will see a new toolbar. If the toolbar is not visible, check your toolbars option and select display the RefWorks toolbar.

Each time you insert an in-text citation, RefWorks (Write-N-Cite) creates the reference list entry for that publication. The reference list will not display until you select: Bibliography Options, Create Bibliography from the top menu.


Do not have Word open when you install Write-N-Cite

If you already have Write-N-Cite installed on your computer and want to update to a newer version, uninstall the old one.

Final Step

If submitting your paper electronically, remove the RefWorks/Write-N-Cite field codes. Be sure to save a copy of your document with the codes so you will be able to edit the paper later.

Select: Remove Field Codes from the top menu of the RefWorks tab in Microsoft Word.

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