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ART678: Research Seminar: Books

Search for Books

To find books, search DELCAT Discovery, the online catalog of the University of Delaware Library.

Ask the Library

Finding Books

How do I search for books on an art-related topic?

Search DELCAT Discovery to find library resources related to your research topic.

You can limit searches to books, journals and other items held by the University of Delaware Library or search the entire WorldCat database that encompasses millions of titles in libraries throughout the world.

UD items appear at the top of the results display. Material not held by the Library (labeled WorldCat Libraries) can be requested via a link that automatically generates an interlibrary loan request form.

Call number browsing is available from the Call Number Browse web page.

Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases (e.g., "dance of death" or "Metropolitan Museum Journal").
  • Use the truncation symbol - * - for a more complete search (e.g., art* searches for art, arts, artist, artists, artifact, etc.)
  • It is important to click either "View all formats and languages" or "View all editions" to obtain complete information about library holdings. Both links connect to the same page.
  • Use Advanced Search when you want to construct a more specific search.

Suggested Searches

Suggested searches for DELCAT Discovery, databases, Google, Google Scholar, etc.:

Monographs on a Specific Artist or Group -


artists women
richard foreman
liza lou
gee bend

Books on a Period or Style or Concept -


collecting hoarding
"social perception"
animated films history
avant garde art
avant garde theater
artistic collaboration
self identity
double slit theory
"natural burial"

TIP: Using the truncation symbol (*) is a useful feature in DELCAT and other databases. For example, type wom*n to find woman or women; type paint* to find paint, paintings, painted, painter, etc.

TIP: Be sure to note the date of publication of the book you are using.

Locating Books

Where are the art books located?

Books in the library are grouped together by subject.  Art books are located on the third floor of the Library within the N section.  Photography books are located on the lower level of the Library within the TR section.

Important: Many art books are considered oversize (designated as Folio or Folio+). Oversize books are located on the Lower Level of the Library. 

The N section of the library is divided as follows: 

 N - Visual Arts

NA - Architecture

NB - Sculpture

NC - Drawing, Design, Illustration

ND - Painting

NE - Print Media

NK - Decorative Arts

NX - Arts in General, including interdisciplinary studies

CC- Archaeology

TR- Photography


Need help?

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