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Multimedia Literacy

This research guide will help you to get started on your multimedia project.


A storyboard is a sequential series of images and captions that provides an outline of your film story, as seen through the camera lens. Storyboards visually map out and provide a synopsis of your film, providing direction for camera movements and shot types. Here's an example of a simple storyboard template that you can use. Here are a few more example storyboards and completed videos and tips on creating storyboards from Videomaker. The American Film Institute has a helpful glossary of shot types that you can review before putting together your storyboard.

These are examples of storyboards that Taylor Patterson created for his Introduction to Digital Media course, taught by Jon Cox at the University of Delaware. Notice how the images and notes he includes in his storyboards translate into his final stop motion film. Notice also how he uses framing and different types of shots to emphasize specific elements within each sequence.

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