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Ask the Library: RefAnalytics

eReference Services: Ask the Library email, chat, and text

RefAnalytics is Now the Default; No Clipboard

RefAnalytics is now the method for counting statistics; no clipboards, no "tick" marks; no paper.

Adding Questions for Services Not in LibAnswers: Phone and In-person

  • login to LibAnswers (
  • Go to Dashboard, select RefAnalytics from top menu
  • Select Add Transaction
  • Ignore top parts (in blue area) about question and FAQ * (see illustration)
  • Fill out the values in the fields
  • Click either Submit or Submit & Clear

Submit -- keeps the values you filled in
Submit & clear -- erases the values

Make sure the default dataset is your department. If not, open the menu and select your queue. Later contact the coordinator to change the default.

Add Transaction Form

Reference and Instructional Services department has chosen not to record questions. Ignore the top part of the Add a Transaction form, in the blue area.

Add Transaction (Question)

Fill in data at bottom of the RefAnalytics form. Click Submit or Submit & Clear

Metadata Fields and Values Used by Reference, Beginning June 2017 (Without MINES)

Beginning June 2017, Question Type? (field three) and its values were changed.

The value "Research & DELCAT" is now DELCAT Simple. There is a new value "Research."

For a statistical analysis involving previous years, these two categories will need to be added together.

Metadata Fields and Values Used by Reference Prior to June 2017 (Without MINES)

Adding Answers for Questions (Tickets) in LibAnswers: Email and Text (SMS)

The analytics questions are under the answer box

Select values to the fields


  • Submit as Closed or
  • Submit as Pending

Adding Answers for Chat

Click on bar graph icon.

Add values to the fields

  • as you are finishing the chat, or
  • after the patron has left the chat

Office Consultations