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MATH308: Historical Development of Mathematical Concepts and Ideas: Finding Books/General Histories

Contains background information, major areas of research focused on chronological, geographical or thematic fields. Includes important books, journals and databases in the Morris Library collections.

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Tips for searching WorldCAT

  • Searching tips:
    • Keyword searches – use quotation marks to hold phrases together ("linear algebra")
    • Truncation – use ? after the root of a word to find all its variants (math? finds math, maths, mathematics...)
    • Browse the Subject(s) field in records to find the right words for searches. (Example: Try doing a keyword search for math? history then look at the subject(s) field in several records. You’ll see that the subject term is "Mathematics -- History." Click the subject heading to find more records with this subject.)
  • Revise and refine your searches.
  • Watch for repeating call numbers and browse stacks in that area.
  • Pay attention to the Location and Due Date information about the book. You will need this information to locate the item in the library. The Location field will also tell you whether or not a book can be checked out. A book that's shelved in Morris Library Reference cannot usually be checked out.

General Histories Owned by the University Library