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Constitution Day 2014: Words of Liberty: Videos: Short and to the Point

Constitution Day is September 17

Did You Know?

The National Constitution Center owns a rare, original copy of the first printed of the Constitution.

This copy is very important since the Constitutional Convention held in secret. So this was one of the first times that the people saw the Constitution.

The original signed, handwritten Constitution is located in the National Archives  (Washington, D.C.)


YouTube is a great source of videos. Just go to the website and type one of these searches in the search box:

  • Constitution
  • Constitution Preamble
  • School House Rock

Be sure to look at the related videos on the right hand side of any video you select.

Remember that any video is a story that someone wants people to see. You will find that some videos show one way of telling the story while others show a different way. Just remember the First Amendment, people have the freedom to say what they want.

Videos: Short and to the Point: School House Rock

Long, But to the Point

Constitution for the United States of America
A dramatic reading of the Constitution with onscreen words

School House Rock

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