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Background Information

Detailed Information

You might need to choose a specialized search tool to find scholarly information about your topic. DELCAT can get you information about any topic, but the rest of the resources in the list are specialized to a subject area. Try one that fits your topic, or choose a different database by browsing the library's research guides

Visual Media Analysis

Image Search Tools

Image search tools available through the library and online can help you find contextual information about the creation of your image.

Reverse Image Searching

Image Searching


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Scholarly Sources

Many of the sources you find in DELCAT Discovery and other library databases will be scholarly journal articles and books. Use these links to learn more about key features of these resources, as well as how to use library search tools to find them.

Search Terms

Remember that you will need to think of keywords related to your images to effectively search in library and online tools. Try different types and combinations of keywords depending on the type of question you want to answer:

  • Use broad terms related to big issues when searching in background information resources like Credo and Opposing Viewpoints (or Google). 
  • Use targeted combinations of keywords when searching for specific information about your topic in DELCAT or subject databases.
  • If you want more information about the person or organization who created your image, search for specific names in Google or DELCAT.