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Print, Copy, and Scan in the Morris Library: University ID Card & Flex

University of Delaware Library users print, copy, and scan using their University ID Cards or Library Copy Cards.

University ID Card & Flex

UD students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use their University ID cards instead of purchasing Library Copy Cards. 

The University of Delaware Library accepts Flex as payment for printing and copying services.  Credit and debit cards are accepted as payment for large format printing, copy services performed by Center staff, digital media purchases, and digitial transfer services. For users seeking cash, Banking Services provides campus ATM locations. 


UD Student Printing Allowance

UD assigns many student University ID Cards a $5.00 computer printing allowance twice a year.  This allowance may be used for printing in UD computer sites but is not valid for photocopying.  After the allowance is expended, printing may be purchased using Flex dollars encoded on the card.  Print jobs are released to the printers at the VendPrint Release Stations. Payment is taken from either the print allowance or Flex.

Printers and photocopiers are located throughout the Library (see map for locations).  All accept payment using University ID Cards or Library Copy Cards.


Library Copy Cards

Users without University ID Cards may purchase and use Library Copy Cards for photocopying and printing.  Library Copy Cards are sold at the Student Multimedia Design Center service desk on the Lower Level and through a Value Transfer Station (VTS) machine on the first floor near the Circulation and Reserve service desk.  Each Copy Card costs $1.00 and value may be added in whole dollar amounts using the VTS machine on the first floor.


Adding Value to Flex

Value can be added to either the University ID Cards or Library Copy Cards using cash at Value Transfer Stations located throughout campus (including one on the first floor near the Circulation and Reserve desk).  VTS machines take paper currency and add whole dollar amount only (exact change is required).  Value can not be added to University ID Cards or Library Copy Cards using credit or debit cards.

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University of Delaware students, faculty and staff may use their University ID Cards instead of Library Copy Cards.

Library Copy Card

Library Copy Card

Anyone lacking a University ID Card may purchase a Library Copy Card for $1.00 and add value as needed.

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