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Writing with Microsoft Word and RefWorks: Writing with Microsoft Word and RefWorks Using APA

A guide to writing using RefWorks and Microsoft Word in APA style.

Group Code

When using Microsoft Word, you may need to login to RefWorks with the University of Delaware Library Group Code.

If you do not know the Group Code, go to the Library home page and select Ask a Librarian. Be sure to identify yourself as a UD student, faculty, or staff.

No Group Code?

If there is no librarian available, there is another login option that does not require the Group Code:

In your RefWorks account, select Tools, Write-N-Cite.

Copy the code in the box on the top right of the download screen,and paste it in the login screen.

Later, contact Ask a Librarian to get the group code.

What Do APA In-text Citations Look Like?

For information about APA rules on in-text citations and references, see the resources on this guide:


RefWorks is a web-based citation management system. The system can:

  • export references from databases
  • organize references
  • store articles
  • add personal notes about the references
  • share folders
  • format citations and references lists in hundreds of citation styles
  • insert properly formatted in-text citations (or footnotes) and references lists (or bibliographies or works cited lists) when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Download Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is the RefWorks tool the inserts in-text citations and creates bibliographies or reference lists. Write-N-Cite needs to be downloaded to whatever computer you are using to write your paper.

Open RefWorks

—From the top menu, select Tools, Write-N-Cite—


Select Write-N-Cite 4 for either Windows or Mac


Download /install the application.

When you next open Microsoft Word, there will be a new tab called RefWorks (Windows) or a new toolbar (Mac).

Write Your Document

Open Word. Select the tab called RefWorks for PC or a new blank toolbar for Mac.

Select Log In from the top menu.



Select your citation style from the Style dropdown menu.

With your cursor at the point where you need to insert an in-text citation, select Insert Citation, then Insert New.


Select your folder. Highlight the author/article. Click OK.


Note: Preview Citation will show exactly what will be inserted.

Create the Reference List

With your cursor at the top of a blank page, select Bibliography Options, then Insert Bibliography from the top menu.

Final Step

If submitting your paper electronically, remove the RefWorks/Write-N-Cite field codes. Be sure to save a copy of your document with the codes so you will be able to edit the paper later.

Select: Remove Field Codes from the top menu of the RefWorks tab in Microsoft Word.

Subject Guide

Rebecca Knight
Associate librarian
Reference and Instructional Services Department
Morris Library, Room 117H
(302) 831-1730

Delaware, U.S. Government Information, census, family studies, RefWorks, APA style, and genealogy.

B.A., History. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1973.
M.S., Library Science. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1981.

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