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EDUC258 Cultural Diversity, Schooling & the Teacher


This guide is meant to give you fast and simple access to some of the key resources available to you at the UD Library, as well as online, on topics of inclusive educational practices.  These resources can help you prepare for your presentations, reading memos, and final paper. Questions along the way?  Contact me! 


Getting Help with Research

Interlibrary Loan

Books and other material not held by the University of Delaware Library may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. This service is available to UD faculty, students and staff.

Recommendation for Purchase

The Library welcomes suggestions for books, journals, videos and other material. Please use the Recommendation for Purchase form to send your suggestions.

The Education Resource Center

The UD Library collects materials covering many aspects of the field of education. However, the Education Resource Center, located in 012 Willard Hall Education Building, has a much more robust collection of pre-K through grade 12 curriculum materials.  It also houses numerous items on the craft of teaching and professional development materials for teachers.

If you are looking for a specific curriculum or professional development-related item, and you do not see it in the UD Library's catalog, check the ERC's catalog as well.