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Perusall without the Pricetag

What are Open Access Journals?

Open Access Journals make the articles they publish free for anyone to read. The costs of publishing are usually covered through subscriptions to a journal.  With open access publishing, the costs associated with publishing are covered by the author or the author's institution; these are usually called Article Processing Charges (APCs). Many reputable journals offer open access options which are called green open access or hybrid.  Fully open journals are called gold open access.

Open Access Journal Repositories

The UnPaywall Button

Another way to find Open Access journal articles is using the UnPaywall button and Google Scholar. With the browser plugin, you'll see a green padlock on articles that have open access versions in an institutional repository.  If the padlock is gray, there isn't an open access copy available.

picture of an open padlock on green background.   Click the green open padlock to find an open access version of your article.

Closed padlock on a gray background. The gray closed padlock means that there is not an open access version of your article available.