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Embedding eVideos from Kanopy, Jove, or Alexander Street into Canvas: Home

Guide explaining how to embed a video from Kanopy, Alexander Street, or Jove.

About this page

This is a guide to embed a video from streaming services UD libraries has access to, Kanopy, Alexander Street, or Jove into your Canvas course.


This guide has two parts:
1. Finding the embed code on the various streaming services the library has access to.
2. Inserting the embed code into Canvas on a page or assignment.


Finding the Embed Code

Finding the embed code in Kanopy

Finding the embed Code in Jove

Finding the embed code in Alexander Street via DELCAT Link

Finding the embed code in Alexander Street via direct link



Under the video player look for the Share button.

After clicking the Share button you will see two tabbed options, by default it starts on Share. Click on Embed

The code in the box will be what you need to paste into Canvas to embed the video.


Under the video player there is an EMBED button.
If your Jove video has a chapter menu, the embed button is in a different location to the left bottom part of the screen.

Jove media player with chapters, embed button circled in red


After clicking the embed button in either of the above Jove media player views, the same window with the embed code below will appear.

The next window will give you the option to select the code to copy or you can click the "Copy Embed Code" button to add the code to your computer's clipboard.

Alexander Street Via DELCAT Link


Under the video player look for the Embed/Link button.


In the next window copy the embed code.


Alexander Street Via Direct Link

Alexander Street Streaming media player on their website Share buttong highlighted

Click on the SHARE tab on the menu above the streaming media player. It is boxed in green in the image above.

Emebd Code copy buttin in green circle

After clicking the SHARE tab two buttons appear below the media player. Clicking the COPY EMBED CODE button circled in green in the image above will save the code so you can paste it elsewhere.

Embedding a video in Canvas

You can add an embedded video either into a page, discussion, or assignment. When you are in edit mode look for the embed video link that is in the red box in the image below.

Red box around embed button on menu, the icon is a cloud

The embed button looks like a cloud with empty hyperlink bracketsClose up of the embed icon button
After clicking the embed button the window below will pop up.

Image of popup window with red box around where you paste embed code.

Paste into the text field the embed code that you found in the first section of this guide.


The embedded video will be viewable from within Canvas.