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Using Media for Courses

Photo of Film & Video Viewing Room

Please note:

  • Streaming media is best used for distance education scenarios or for individual, asynchronous viewing.  Streaming titles should be checked to verify availability prior to syllabus finalization, especially if the syllabus was created during a prior semester.  (Licensing terms for most streaming media is only available on a temporary basis.  Expiration dates are included in DELCAT Discovery records.)
  • Use of longform streaming media for in-person classroom screenings is generally not recommended.  Network issues and other technological variables can lead to inconsistent playback, and resizing the image to fit a large screen can cause image degradation.  Please test for quality prior to in-person classroom screenings.
  • Physical media is generally the most reliable option for classroom screenings. You may make prior arrangements to schedule media for future use.
  • The Library's DVD / Blu-ray / eVideo etc. collection is searchable via DELCAT Discovery.  You can search for physical media and streaming titles via the Film & Video Collection homepage.
  • If you are an instructor seeking more information about incorporating streaming media into a course, please visit Teaching Online with Media Content via Film & Video or contact Film & Video for assistance.
  • If the Library does not own the film you wish to screen, please contact Film & Video and the Film & Video Librarian will research its availability.  Please allow as much time as possible for this process.

Streaming Video Collections

Alexander Street Press (ASP) databases allow users to create playlists of videos within the database, or clips from videos, which can be shared with others. Users can create playlists containing various types of documents, images, whole videos, tracks, segments (clips) and/or other items such as links to any URL. Playlists can be annotated, edited, copied, shared, and all playlists contain their own unique static URL which can be incorporated into course management systems, such as Sakai. Playlists can be used as lists of personal favorites, class viewing/listening assignments, or as a teaching resource for in-class use.

Kanopy streaming media vendor logo

For more information about changes to the Library's Kanopy subscription (mentioned below), click here.

Kanopy titles are licensed for 1- or (in rare instances) 3-year increments.  To see when licenses are set to expire for Kanopy content, you may search DELCAT Discovery for the title and check the Notes field:

Example of where to find content expiration dates in DELCAT Discovery