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ENGL110 Conderacci Fall 2022

Search Tips

When searching for scholarly and popular sources related to your artist or artwork, try these tips:

  • If you have chosen a popular/current film, musician, or TV show, try starting by simply searching for the name of the artist or work. Once you get a sense of what's available, you can add keywords to narrow your search.
  • As you search, use the filters in the databases to navigate between source types. Sources such as magazines and news articles will help you find popular criticism and response to your piece. Sources such scholarly/peer-reviewed/academic articles will help you find scholarly criticism related to your piece.

Critical Respose - News and Magazine Sources

News and magazine sources such as review articles, interviews, and commentary will help you understand how a piece was recieved in popular culture. Limit the publication date to the time of your artwork's release to explore discussion in the popular press around the time of release. Note that not all pieces will be discussed in the popular press. Social media trends and lesser-known artworks may not be covered in popular magazines and news sources. 

Critical Response - Scholarly Sources

Depending on the piece you choose, you might find peer-reviewed articles. Try a search for the name of the creator or the title of the piece to explore whether or not there is scholarly discussion of the artwork you chose.