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FirstGen Blue Hens: A First Generation Student Guide

What is First Gen?

According to the First Generation Center for Student Success:

"While the term “first-generation” may seem self-explanatory, the nuance of the identity does require examination. Often, first-generation students are categorized simply as those who are the first in their family to attend college. Yet, this leads to questions about the postsecondary experiences of extended family members, older siblings, and even non-family adults who have important roles in the lives of students. Many institutions have chosen to use the federal definition officially developed for TRiO program acceptance and to determine eligibility for Pell Grants which indicates first-generation students come from families where their biological parents did not complete a four-year college degree."

First Generation Students: National Resources and Information


Collegiate Directions (Maryland)

CDI is a non-profit organization committed to closing the education, achievement, and opportunity gap for low-income, primarily first-generation-to-college students. We provide comprehensive college counseling, targeted tutoring, test preparation, study skills, leadership training, and ongoing support, starting in tenth grade and continuing through successful college graduation.

Reach for College (Washington, D.C.)

Reach for College! was founded in 2005 by two experienced urban educators to help low-income high school students reach their dreams of pursuing postsecondary education. Working in public high schools and public charter schools, Reach for College! provides a curriculum specially developed for students who will often be the first in their families to pursue higher education, and we train teachers to use it. This research-based, structured curriculum has been proven to significantly increase the number of students going to college from high schools where the college-going rate is often low.


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All information here has been taken from the Office of Student Life's FIRST GEN webpage. The Library, Museums and Press does not endorse and has no affiliations with any off-campus resources or institutions.

What First Gen Looks Like at UD

All information here has been taken from the Office of Student Life's FIRST GEN webpage.