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What Make a Successful Literature Review?

What Makes a Successful Literature Review?

Here are eight steps toward completing a successful literature review.

  1. Search terms: Formulate appropriate search terms as the basis for your literature searches.
  2. Database search tools: Use database search tools to identify relevant journal articles and related materials.
  3. Key publications: Identify a series of key publications in your area and use these as the bases for citation reference searches.
  4. Web search tools: Use web search tools to identify pieces of interest, in particular grey literature, relevant to you.
  5. Scanning: Scan abstracts of articles, reviews of books, executive summaries of government reports, and other summaries of published work to determine if you need to read the piece in full.
  6. Reading: Read the pieces you have identified and make notes from them.
  7. Thematic organization: Use these notes as the basis of a thematic organization of your literature review.
  8. Writing the review: Write the review, based on the thematic organization, in such a way that you can construct one or more interesting research questions which you will address in your investigation.

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Writing a Literature Review