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World War I: Genealogy: Selected Resources and Topics

Resources for history and genealogy


American Expeditionary Force (AEF). American army and marine troops in Europe. The troops were under the command of General John Pershing and arrived in Europe in June 1917. 

Casualty. Military usage: any persons who are not present and ready for assignments. Includes sick, wounded, missing, held prisoner, dead, or any other reason. Currently, often used interchangeably with dead.

Order of Battle (OOB). Military terminology for the description of a military organization and its units.

Pioneer Infantry. Troops responsible for construction projects.

Roll of Honor (Honor Roll). List of those who died in service (under honorable circumstances).

War diaries. Record of the movements and activities of a military unit. All units the size of an infantry battalion, cavalry regiments, artillery brigade and any units larger were required to keep this type of record.

Oral Histories, Memoirs, Etc.


Poem: In Flanders Fields

Poppies Mounted on Wooden Crosses for Remembrance Day.


African American Experience in World War I

There is a growing number of resources on this topic, both in print and on the web. Recommended search term for library catalogs and for internet searching:

african americans "world war i "

The space after "world war i" eliminates "world war ii" from the search

Red Cross

Interesting Websites

"Enemy Aliens"


I had a little bird,
Its name was Enza,
I opened the window
In 'flu' Enza.

Poem and jump rope rhyme often heard in 1918.


Americans in Non-United States Services