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Open Educational Resources: Open Textbook Resources

Finding freely available educational resources online

Considerations for Selecting an Open Textbook

Once you have located a relevant text with learning objectives that are consistent with the objectives of your course, and you have examined the text for currency, clarity, accuracy, consistency and accessibility:

  • Review the license for guidance regarding how the resource can be modified.  
  • Consider how the platform on which the material is offered may restrict or enhance your ability to edit and adapt the material to your course needs.
  • Is the interface intuitive and easy to navigate and use, and is it free of broken links?
  • Does the resource use gender-neutral language, is it free of stereotypes, and are the examples used within the text relevant to those from different cultural contexts?
  • Are there online communities of users who may be working with this or other open texts?

For additional information about evaluating open texts for inclusion in a course, see:

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