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BUAD 301- Introduction To Marketing


Overview –

Consistently and clearly use formal, professional language that does not sell the product, but provides a sound objective plan. Citations throughout and references at the end.

Citations and References

An academic research must provide a documentation of the sources used to write the paper. This is accomplished by a proper reference citation. A well cited work allows the reader to have easy access to the sources used to prepare the document. Citing the sources of your information gives credit and acknowledgement to original sources of the materials.

There are many types of citation styles. Example includes APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Here is the link to full list and examples of citation styles.

The Refworks Database:'

The Library has a subscription to a Citation Management database called Refworks. It is available to all UD students, faculty and staff.

Refworks can be accessed from the database page, or directly at the Refworks portal