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Education: Directories

School Ratings

Online School Ratings

US News and World Report College Rankings

Provides current rankings of colleges, universities, and high schools.

Directories for Foreign Institutions

Online Directories

Universities Worldwide

A searchable database of international universities.


Print Directories

Directories for Undergraduate Programs

Most of the directories below provide information such as school location, how accredited, calendars, admission requirements, degree requirements, etc.  For actual listings of course requirements for a particular program in a college or university, consult the website of the chosen college or university.

Online Directories:

College Navigator

        A searchable directory of US colleges compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics with accompanying statistics gathered from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Syste.  Statistics include retention rates, tuition, enrollment, admissions, and more.

National Center for Education Statistics Global Locator

A searchable directory of United States colleges, schools and libraries.


Provides detailed search by region, majors and academic programs, student body and other criteria.  Users can also search for histroically black colleges and universities or colleges and universities of particular religious affiliations.

Search or browse through 23,334 teacher education programs from 1,779 colleges and universities.


Directories for Graduate Programs

Secondary and Elementary School Directories

Other Directories

Directories to additional educational programs.