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Human Development and Family Sciences: Books

Library Call Numbers

First, Library call numbers are like an "address" that helps you find the item on the shelves in the Library. The first letter of the call number tells you which floor to go to.


Second, call numbers indicate the subject of the item.

Once you find a book on the shelf, look at the books around it.

Where are the HDFS Books Located?

Books in the Library are shelved by the Library of Congress classification system.

Common call numbers are:


Subclass HQ

HQ1-2044   The Family.  Marriage.  Sex Roles, Women, Parents, Children, Youth, Adulthood, Gerontology, Death & Dying, Life styles, Coping skills...  

Subclass HV

HV1-9960    Social and public welfare. Criminology, Social service, Social work.


Subclass BF

BF1-990    Psychology. Sexual behavior, Personality, Developmental psychology


Subclass LB

LB5-3640    Theory and practice of education. Educational psychology, Child study, Early childhood education, Elementary or public school education, Secondary education, High schools, Higher Education.

Subclass LC

LC1390-5160.3        Education of special classes of persons. Exceptional children and youth, Special education, Learning disabled


Subclass RC

RC435-571      Psychiatry

Subclass RJ

RJ1-570    Pediatrics


Books are important sources of basic information on a topic, providing necessary definitions, background information, and statistics.

Examples of searches:

Search by keyword: Search by Subject Keywords (prefix su:)
  • families divorce
  • genogram
  • mid-life crisis
  • international adoption
  • African American families history
  • family United States
  • life cycle human
  • family policy


use quotes to search the exact word or phrase. Be sure you need the exact phrase.

  • "international adoption"
  • "abortion"
Subject keyword retrieves only records that have those words in the subject description.
Use the prefix su: or go to the Advanced Search form.

use AND to combine two search phrases; in capital letters.

  • "abortion" AND history

Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides


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Recommendation for Library Purchase

The Library welcomes suggestions for books, journals, videos and other material. Please use the Recommendation for Purchase form to send your suggestions.

E-Books and E-Book Collections

DELCAT Discovery: Finding Curent Books

Finding the most recent resources in the UD library takes more than one step:

Example: books on the history of abortion

On the results page, restrict search to the UD Library. Ignore the warning box. Click Search.

Sort by Date (instead of Library and Relevance)

On the search results list, change the format.