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Cartographic Resources, Maps, and Spatial Data

Maps for current events, climate change, political science, sociology, and other topics.

Current Events

Resources of interest on the hurricane season, huminitarian disasters, and other current events.

Creating Topical Maps

Websites now allow users to download data or create topical maps online.

County Unemployment Rates (detail)

The detail above is from a map created using the USDA's Atlas of Rural America to show unemployment rates by county.

Social & Economic

Mapping applications bring facts into focus by adding a spatial component to data.

Environmental & Climate Change

Cultural & Health

As these examples show, users may choose among maps featuring world heritage sites or documenting the extent of cultures, languages, and religions.  Additional maps may be found in articles, collections, or through searching.

Infrastructure Mapping

Maps of power company service outages, pipelines, roads, rails, and tunnels.