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FINC851: Corporate Financial Analysis: Finding Proxy Statements

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Sources for Obtaining Proxy Statements

 SEC Edgar database for proxy statements from 1994 onwards.

1.  From Library Database Page select Edgar database or go directly to SEC Edgar Database  

3.  Under Filings & Forms, click the red link " Search for Company Filings" and select Company or fund name, ticker symbol.." option.

4.  Enter the Company Name (or Ticker Symbol)  for the company

Note:   If more than 1 company is returned in the search, choose the correct company from the list provided

5.  Filter the result by entering "DEF 14A" in the Filings Type box on top and search. This will return  Definitive (Final) Proxy Statements.

6.  To restrict your search to certain years, enter a date (in the form year/month/day) in the box labeled "Prior To" in the middle of the page.

7.  Click the “Search” button to retrieve result.

8.  A company typically has only one final proxy statement per calendar year. If there are more than one, however, the final proxy statement you want to look at is usually larger in size, later in date and contains information about the election of directors and annual meeting.

9.  As always, be sure to briefly read through the proxy statement to ensure it is complete and appears to be the “final” statement.

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