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Congressional Record: Non-governmental Information

History and Use of the Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of Congress.

What is the Gelato Fiasco?


A small business in Brunswick, Maine, called Gelato Fiasco, was lauded in Congress by Senator SNOWE (of Maine). (158 Cong. Rec. S2724)

Well, maybe. It was actually an "Additional statement" and is marked with bullets, indicating that it was not spoken on the floor.

Being Mentioned in the Congressional Record

It's an honor to be mentioned in the Congressional Record and people, businesses, organizations are often cited, lauded, proclaimed, or paid tribute to.

There are many reasons that Members of Congress introduce non-governmental issues or persons in the Congressional Record. The most common reasons are:

  • Bring recognition to a world or national event or person
  • Bring recognition to constituents
  • Bring attention to their state

These extraneous entries in the Record span a great range of topics, honoring heroes to honoring the birth of a baby.

A Baby or Two

March 6, 2000, House Extensions of Remarks, p. E231. Congratulating Tim and Linda Rupli on the Birth of Their Son, Timothy Richard Rupli, Jr. (146 Cong. Rec. E231)

And then

April 21, 2004, House Extensions of Remarks, p. E577. A Proclamation Honoring Noelle Rupli (150 Cong. Rec. E577)