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MATH308: Historical Development of Mathematical Concepts and Ideas: Finding Articles

Contains background information, major areas of research focused on chronological, geographical or thematic fields. Includes important books, journals and databases in the Morris Library collections.

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The following book can be used for finding articles on the history of mathematics:

May, Kenneth O.(1973) Bibliography and research manual of the history of mathematics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,
Call Number:
Library Annex QA21B .M38

The following databases are useful for finding articles on the history of mathematics, but this list is not comprehensive. For a complete list of library databases, see Databases and Indexes to Articles. If you want to know if the library has a specific journal title, check Electronic Journals database.

History of Math Journals

Interesting Articles

Bai, Limin. (1995). Mathematical Study and Intellectual Transition in the Early and Mid-Qing. Late Imperial China. 16 (2):2-61.

Grattan-Guinness, I. (2004). The mathematics of the past: distinguishing its history from our heritage. Historia Mathematica. 31 (2):163-18.

Kvasz, Ladislav. (2000). Changes of Language in the Development of Mathematics. Philosophia Mathematica. 8: 47 - 83

Neugebauer, Otto and G. Waldo Dunnington. (1936). The History of Mathematics. National Mathematics Magazine. 11 (1):17-2.

Olson, Mark A. (1988). Descartes' First Meditation: Mathematics and the Laws of Logic. Journal of the History of Philosophy, 26 (3): 407-438.

Onians, John. (1989). War, Mathematics, and Art in Ancient Greece. History of the Human Sciences .  2 (1): 39-62.

Parshall, Karen Hunger. (1988). The Art of Algebra from al-Kwãrizmi to Viète: A Study in the Natural Selection of Ideas. History of Science, 2 (:2=72): 129-16.

S. T. S.. (1933). Historic Contests in Mathematics. Mathematics News Letter. 8 (3). 49-50.

Zitarelli, David E. (2001). Towering Figures in American Mathematics, 1890-195. The American Mathematical Monthly. 108 (7): 606-635.