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Film & Video Student Assistant Information: Payroll

Library Film & Video Collection Student Assistant Manual


Student assistants may take a paid 15-minute break during any work shift that exceeds four hours. Do not sign in and out of UDTime for this break.  Breaks may not be taken at the beginning or end of a work shift. Student assistants who work shifts longer than six hours are required to take an unpaid 30-minute break.  You sign in and out in UD Time for this break.  This is in addition to the paid 15 minute break allotted for over 4 hours of work.  Please arrange with the supervisor to assure that the timing of your break is appropriate to the needs of the unit.


Student assistants are welcome to use the Morris Library Staff Room (room 106) for breaks, lunch, or dinner during scheduled work periods. The Staff Room provides vending machines, a small kitchen area, and limited seating. For security reasons, only library personnel are permitted in the staff room. Student assistants may not bring friends or other non-library personnel into the staff room. If you'd like to be shown how to get to the Staff Room from Film & Video, ask staff.                                            

The Library Commons, located just inside the Morris Library entrance, is a convenient place to meet friends and purchase refreshments during break periods. Student assistants are encouraged to use the Library Commons or other location to eat and study during non-work hours, including the hours before and after scheduled work periods.


You are responsible for signing in and out using UDTime.  A Quick Guide to UDTime is posted on the bulletin board above the UDTime computer in the office and is available here. You also need to sign in and out on the paper timesheet provided. Keeping duplicate records ensures that your time is accurately recorded, especially when UDTime may be down.


The University of Delaware Library seeks to recruit and retain a well-trained student work force with a competitive pay system. Most library student assistant positions begin employment at $8.75 per hour

Library student assistants are eligible for merit pay increases for continuing good performance. Student assistants who have worked a substantial number of hours in 2 semesters of the previous year are eligible for a pay increase effective July 1st. (Working a substantial number of hours during a Winter or Summer session may be considered in place of one of the semesters.) Pay increases are determined by departmental student payroll supervisors.

Library student assistants are eligible for the following pay raise increments:

Years Worked

Pay Raise (Per Hour)