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Film & Video Student Assistant Information: General Circulation Procedures

Library Film & Video Collection Student Assistant Manual


Users MUST present their own UD ID to check out materials.  If you get any error message when scanning an ID, ask staff. If staff are not present, send the user to the Circulation Desk on the first floor.


Choose “Assist Patrons” on the left side of the page, and place the cursor in the “Enter barcode” box:


Assist patrons link on Worldshare webpage


OneCard ID scanner


Enter barcode box on Worldshare webpage

Scan the item barcode:


Scan the item barcode page on


When the item is successfully charged, it will appear in the box. The newly charged item will have a check in the box on the far left.  Scan any other items. When all items have been scanned, ask the user if they want a paper or email receipt. Go to the bottom of the page and choose whatever form that user prefers. There is one receipt (email or print) for all new items checked out -- this corresponds to the checked boxes.


When you hand the user the items (and receipt if chosen), be sure to verbally tell them the return date and time so that they will avoid fines. Film & Video: return dates may be different for each title so be sure you look at each title individually.  If you get a message “unable to find item” when material is scanned, try it again.  If you continue to get that message, ask staff for assistance.


If a box appears, read the message (for an example, see below) and verify contents of the case (for multiple pieces).  If the message says “Embargo…”, this will usually mean that the title is scheduled for class use and therefore it cannot be checked out or the loan period is shorter.  Click “acknowledge” if it is okay to continue with the check out (or check in) and “cancel” if it is not. Again, don't hesitate to get staff if you have questions.


Click “acknowledge” on page


If the loan is a 4 hour loan, have the user sign in to the log book on at the service desk and assign them to a carrel.  Scan carrels that have already been assigned, and try to place the user at a carrel that is not immediately adjacent to one in use. Try to keep video gaming carrels free for gaming use. If there is more than one viewer using the item, try to place them at a large screen group viewing carrel.


When you have finished checking out all materials, click the “x” next to the user's name to clear the screen of their information and get ready for the next transaction:

Click the “x” next to the user's name to clear the screen




Before the user leaves the desk when returning a title, open the box and verify that the disc/tape is inside and is the correct title. If the disc is missing or it’s the wrong disc, hand the case back to the patron without checking it in and ask them to return it with the correct disc as soon as possible.


Choose “Check In” on the left side of the screen, then scan barcode on returned item:


Choose “Check In” on the left side of the screen


Please be sure that each time you scan an item’s barcode to check it back in, that you see it appear in the box. If there is a circulation note box, click “acknowledge” or “cancel”. To verify that a title is discharged, scan the barcode a second time.

Remove the original check-out receipt or scheduling receipt (taped to front of case), if there is one, and discard.

Click “clear” to clear screen of user information when the transaction is complete.


Clean DVDs as needed and rewind VHS before reshelving. Check the case -- if it needs to be replaced, give it to staff.

Loan Periods



14 days

No Renewal

Professional (Exempt) Staff

14 days

No Renewal

Graduate Students

14 days

No Renewal

Salaried Staff (Non-exempt)

3 days

Limit 3 Items, No Renewals

Undergraduate Students

3 days

Limit 3 Items, No Renewals; Items must be returned by the due date to avoid fines.


Do NOT check-in an item and immediately check it out to the same user.  There are no renewals. Tell the user they may come back the next day the Library is open and check the item out again if another user has not done so.