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Film & Video Student Assistant Information: Proper Care & Handling

Library Film & Video Collection Student Assistant Manual

Proper Care & Handling of DVD, Blu-ray & Game discs

3 DVDsDVDs, Blu-rays, and game discs require careful handling. Mishandling can damage the disc and create problems with playback.  In order to keep the disc in good viewing condition, please:

* Handle only the inside edge or outside edge.

* Don’t bend the disc.

* Don’t touch either flat surface (top and bottom).

* Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

* Keep away from pets and young children.

* Avoid allowing anything to touch the top and bottom surfaces that might scratch or damage the surface.

* If the disc is cold, wait for it to reach room temperature before putting it in the player.

* Report any damage to Film & Video Collection staff.

Proper Care & Handling of Videocassettes

3 VHS tapesTo avoid unnecessary wear and tear to both tapes and players, please observe the following care and handling guidelines:

* Remove tape slack (loose tape) before playing a tape by turning one of the reel hubs until the tape is taut.

* Do not open the guard bar on the front of the videocassette case.  This can expose the videotape to damaging airborne dust and other foreign objects.

* Do not rewind or fast forward videotape extensively while the videocassette player is in the play mode.  Except for brief periods, this causes damage to the videotape and to the playback/record heads.

* Always rewind a videocassette after use (press ‘stop’ and rewind or use a rewinding machine).

* As with all F&V equipment and materials, do not place liquids near videocassettes.  Liquids spilled on tapes can be especially damaging to both tape and to equipment when the tapes are played.