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Using DELCAT Discovery

Basic Search Tips

You can search DELCAT Discovery by simply entering keywords, as you might in any search engine. However, there are other strategies you can use if this approach is not working well for you:

  • Use quotation marks to isolate specific names or phrases that you are seeking. 

"Abraham Lincoln"  (will exclude results like Lincoln, Nebraska or Abraham Heschel)

Using Boolean Logic

  • Use the word AND (capitalized) to add search terms that make your search more specific.

"domestic violence" AND dating

  • Use the word OR (capitalized) to search for synonyms or closely related terms at the same time.

adolescents OR teens

  • Use the word NOT (capitalized) to exclude a term from your search and reduce the number of irrelevant results.

humor NOT vitreous

Author, Subject and Title Searching

  • To search for a specific author, type the command AU: at the beginning of your search.

AU: Charles Dickens

  • To search for keywords found in the subject field, add SU: to the beginning of your search.

SU: Delaware History

  • To search for an exact title, type TI= at the beginning of your search. View the Searching for Known Items video tutorial for more information on title searching.