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Dissertation Workshop for Art Conservation and Art History: FAQ


Links on UD's website provide dates for submitting necessary paperwork for dissertations as well as updated templates.  How often are templates updated? From our experience it seems every 2-3 years?

 Please provide a step-by-step timeline/list for how signatures need to be obtained and which pages (or even a copy of the whole dissertation) need to be sent.

Which is the correct template/guidelines?

Please confirm that we should contact ONLY the respective secretaries/admin assistants in each of the various administrative departments (with the exception of dissertation committee members). 

Please discuss when it is appropriate to submit your dissertation to ProQuest. 

If you do not submit your dissertation to Proquest, PLEASE submit it to UDSpace!

I'll be interested to learn more about the regulations UD and ProQuest follow for image permissions. Just in case it would be helpful to have a test case, the majority of the illustrations in my dissertation come from the British Museum and are far out of copyright. I am curious to learn if UD or ProQuest would have any objections to these images, based on the Museum's very generous guidelines about how images can be used:

The British Museum terms of use for doctoral students is a very clear statement that the University of Delaware Library and the University, in general, would fully support. Proquest should accept this statement as copyright permission and compliance.

With regard to complying with this statement: If placed in electronic deposit, the electronic copy is also available for free. The Library is happy to speak to you about using UDSpace to comply with the requirement. Unless you request otherwise, a dissertation deposited with Proquest will show up later in UDSpace. If for any reason Proquest asks you to remove material from your dissertation due to a permissions issue, we are happy to work with you to place your dissertation in your department community on UDSpace.

Copyright - Proquest has ONE box to check that pertain to ALL images and tables as far as copyright permissions go. If you do not have copyright for even just one image then you will have to substitute all Figures/Tables with blank text boxes that say "Image not included due to copyright". Is there a way to work around this?

This might be a work around.  Before you submit to Proquest, can you remove the offending image(s) and then check this box?  You would leave in the images for which you have permission or which are 'freely' available under Creative Commons licenses and such.

Another solution is to put the complete dissertation in UDSpace.  It can be deposited there with all its images.  How can we do this?  Since this is your dissertation, we believe that such use is allowed under the fair use provisions of copyright law and we have cleared this interpretation with the UD's Office of General Counsel..

For permissions (images, etc.), is there any "official" document that needs to be signed by the individuals/institutions giving those permissions? 

Each institution will grant permission in its own way.  Some will use the Copyright Clearing House (even though there is no charge).  Others will reply to an email, send a letter, or ask you to complete their own form.