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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Initiatives

Nursing Mothers Room


The University has designated private spaces as "Nursing Mothers rooms" throughout campus. In addition to providing a dedicated pumping space, some of the rooms have bulletin boards for sharing news, ideas and baby pictures, connecting mothers across campus. The campus locations include:

  • 207E Morris Library
  • 128 Perkins Student Center, Room 128
  • 214A McDowell Hall, before the entrance to the women’s restroom.
  • 346 Hullihen Hall, across from the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Reflection Room

Morris Library has a dedicated Reflection Room where you can relax, clear your mind and take a brief retreat from studying. This multi-purpose room is located on the second floor (Room 233). The space can be used by multiple people at once in a variety of ways.

We ask that you be considerate of others and refrain from using electronic devices. 



Colored Conventions Project

undefinedThe Colored Conventions Project is an interdisciplinary digital humanities project hosted by University of Delaware Library. It documents the activities of the African Americans who participated in a massive advocacy movement during the nineteenth century. Countless state and national conventions were held around the country in the battle against slavery and in advance of equal labor, legal and educational rights. By making available the minutes from the over a hundred and sixty conventions, the project is transforming our understanding of nineteenth-century American history. The CCP website also includes exhibits, maps, graphs, videos and visualizations.

Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) is located on the main floor of the Morris Library. The ATC is equipped with 5 computers that include Windows 7 with an accessibility package incorporating a magnifier, narrator, on-screen keyboard, high contrast, and other assistive technologies. Students with disabilities can make appointments with Library staff for orientation and tours of the Morris Library and ATC.

For more information on the disability services the Library offers, or to make an appointment, please see the Disabilities Information for Library Assistance page.

Pauline A. Young Residency

The Pauline A. Young Residency is a post-graduate appointment for early career librarians. Shelby Daniels-Young currently serves as the 2019-2022 resident, with an appointment in the Manuscript and Archival Processing unit of the Special Collections Department. Ms. Daniels-Young will be responsible for processing two important African American literary collections: the papers of author Ishmael Reed and the papers of attorney Beverly Axelrod. Ms. Daniels-Young will also be involved in a variety of Special Collections public services activities.

More information about the Pauline A. Young Residency program is available online at



A complete review of the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press initiatives is available in 2016-2018 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Quality Review Assessment, November 19, 2018.