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EDLM 625

Searching DELCAT for information on School Libraries

The library catalog uses subject headings to group similar resources together.  Here are a few subjects to explore:

  • Libraries 
  • Libraries and Community
  • School Libraries- United States
  • Instructional Materials Centers

To drill down further, try (ex):

  • High School Libraries
  • School Libraries Administration

Library science books are located on lower level the library within the Z section.  Here is how the Z section of the Library is divided. Books on School Libraries and Media Centers are located in the following areas:

Z 675: "Classes of Libraries" includes books that deal specifically with school libraries

Z678-678.88 "Library Administration" includes books on decision making and leadership in libraries.

Databases for library science and school library literature

If you have a topic in mind such as makerspaces, but aren't sure what journal or magazine will have the best, most current information on that topic, you can search across many titles using a database.  

Resource for Finding Library Policies

Professional Associations