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ENGL110 Conderacci Fall 2022

A research guide for ENGL110 sections 063 and 065

Researching Political Art

The resources on this guide will help you conduct research on your chosen political artwork. While there are many search tools presented on this guide, you will select a few that are specific to your topic and the issues you want to address through research. Use the following sections to address questions from your assignment:

Historical and Cultural Context

  • What is the historical, cultural, and personal context in which the piece was created?
  • What are the identities of the individual(s) who created it?

Critical and Popular Response

  • What has been the popular and critical reception of this artwork? Have different social, cultural, or political groups responded differently to it?

Links for Library Class

Video Tutorials

Use these short videos when you need a refresher about searching and accessing sources.