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ENGL110 Steele Spring 2022

A guide for students in ENGL110 sections 107 and 108.


This guide will help you access search tools for your research paper about a text or piece of media. For additional information, view the E110 Research Strategies Video Series or browse the E110 Research Guide

Finding Background Information on Genre

Use these databases to find contextual informantion about a genre. 

Finding Magazine and News Articles

These databases can help you find current news and magazine articles about your text or media. Begin by searching for the title or creator, then add search terms to narrow your results if needed. 

Finding Books and Scholarly Articles

DELCAT Discovery

Use DELCAT Discovery to find books, book chapters, all types of articles, videos, and more. Try searching for your chosen text/media or larger issues related to it. 


Use general and subject databases to find scholarly journal articles. Some texts/media will be addressed in scholarly articles, while others will not. Try searches related to your text/media, as well as serches related to larger issues.