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Financial Aid at the University of Delaware

Financial Aid Toolkit

The US Department of Education's Financial Aid Toolkit is a great place for students, parents, and guidance counselors to find information about paying for college.

Tips for Searching for Financial Aid


The best information on available student aid can usually be found at the financial aid office at the college that the student will attend.  Check this site first when beginning a search.  High school guidance counselors can also provide useful financial aid information. 

Delaware residents should search the regional sites such as the Delaware Higher Education Office listed below. 

Also, search websites for scholarships that are available at the national level.  Scholarships in these databases will be very competitive because of their high visibility. Several sites providing access to national scholarships are included below.

Library Databases for Searching for Grants and Scholarships

The library provides access to quality databases which index numerous awards.

Grant Writing E-Books

Click here.

Searching for Aid Online

Grant and Admissions Essay Writing Guides