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McNair Scholars Program

Finding Articles

Library Databases index thousands of periodicals.  This allows you to search in these periodicals for articles that contain specific search terms. 

1. Start on the Research Databases Page.

2. Identify the databases that are best for research on your subject.  This can be done by using the "Browse by Subject" menu or by contacting a librarian via Ask the Library.

3. Identify the search terms for your research topic.

4.  Enter your search terms in the database to retrieve articles and/or citations for articles.

Search tips:

  • Enter your search terms on the advanced search screen to allow for maximum control of your search. 
  • Put quotation marks around words that you want to keep adjacent to one another such as "social media" 
  • Combine your search terms with the connecting words "AND," "OR," and "NOT." 
  • Use OR to designate synonymous or interchangeable words that are acceptable in your search results. Put terms connected by OR in parentheses if you type them on one single line.

Example 1: domestic abuse and women

Example 2: "domestic abuse" and women

  • The advanced search screen allows you make specifications such as requiring that your search terms appear in the title of the document or the abstract of the article.  This will help you obtain a smaller and more relevant list of search results.
  • In most cases, the advanced search screen also allows you to select whether or not the search results must be scholarly or peer-reviewed and if the results must be published within a specific date range.

Example 3: (“domestic abuse” or "domestic violence") and women

In example 3, which is shown below, we are searching for articles in which either the phrase "domestic abuse" or the phrase "domestic violence" and also the word women appear in the abstract of the article.  There is also a requirement that the articles be published after January 1, 2016.


When using Google Scholar, it helps to have the UD Get It link enabled to make finding your articles through the library easier.  

1) Go to google scholar and click on Settings Image of the settings icon

2) Click on Library Links from the left hand navigation column, type in University of Delaware, and check off the box next to Get It.

Screenshot of Google Scholar settings page with highlighting around Library Links, the search bar with the words "University of Delaware" Typed in, and the check box next to Get It.

You can search within a specific journal, or look up the full text of an article using the E-journals page.  You can access this page from the research menu of the library homepage.

Screenshot of the research menu on the library home page.  An arrow points to the research menu and to the option for E-Journals.


From the E-journals page, you can search for the title of the journal that you need.  NOTE: This is not the title of the article.

Screenshot of an article from google scholar with the name of the journal highlighted.


Screenshot of the E-journals page with the journal name "Nursing Standard" typed in the search bar.

Once you get your results, be sure to check the years that the library has available and click one of the database links provided.

Screenshot of the E-journals results page with the coverage years and database links highlighted.


Using Get It!

Get it! is a system that searches though the library's database and journal subscriptions to help researchers quickly connect to full-text articles.

When searching in a database that is Get It! -enabled, you will see a small link or button labeled Get It! beneath the article records that are returned by the database.  Usually, clicking Get It! will bring you directly to the article.

If Get it! cannot locate a full-text copy of the article or an electronic subscription to the journal that published the article, you will see the following message:

Sorry, the Library does not have an online copy of this article or journal. Use DELCAT Discovery below to search for this journal in print.

Additional options for finding full text:

  • Check DELCAT: Search by Title OR Search by ISSN
  • If not held by the University of Delaware Library: Request a copy through Interlibrary Loan
  • Need Help? Use Ask The Library


The best next step is to use the DELCAT Discovery links to search for the journal by title or ISSN to determine if the Library has this journal in print in the library for the year in which your article was published. If you have a valid University of Delaware ID card and are eligible to register for Interlibrary Loan privileges, you may request a scanned copy of the article from the Library's Article DELivery Service.

If you have searched DELCAT Discovery and find that the Library doesn't have the journal containing your article, you can use the link to Interlibrary Loan to request that the article be delivered to you from another library.

For more information, see the Library’s video tutorial for using Get It!