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A general tour of the new Delcat interface launching in June 2023

How do I limit my search to articles?

Use the "Articles" filter available under the "Resource Type" menu.

screenshot of the resource type filter with articles checked.

How do I limit my search to e-books?

Turn on the "Available online" and "Books" filters in the Show Only menu and the Resource Type menu. 

screenshot of filters with available online and books checked.

How do I search for videos?

Select "Video" from the resource type filter menu. You may need to click "Show More" to see this option.

Screen shot of the resource type menu with an arrow pointing toward show more.

How do I limit my search to peer reviewed research?

Choose "Peer-reviewed Journals" from the Show Only filter menu

Screen shot of filter menu with Peer-reviewed journals highlighted

How do I limit my search to items available immediately?

In the old DELCAT, items from other libraries were mixed in with items from UD collections. In the new DELCAT, this feature is turned off by default. You can turn this feature back on by using the "Expand My Results" button. If you choose to use this feature, you can limit your results to items available immediately two ways:

Option 1 ) Use the "Held by library" filter for print items or the "Available online" filter for electronic options. 

screen shot of show only menu with held by library and available online highlighted

Option 2) Use the DELCAT drop down menu to only search library collections.

screen shot of the search bar with the drop down menu open and DELCAT selected.

Where is the advanced search?

Click the "Advanced Search" link next to the search bar for advanced search options.

screenshot of the search bar with advanced search link highlighted

How do I search for a specific journal title?

Use the Journal Browse feature available at the top of the screen.

screenshot with a red arrow next to the link for journal browse

Where is the Get This For Me button?

The "Get This For Me" button has been replaced with the "Request" button. When you'd like us to pull a print book from the shelf, you'll use the "Request" button instead.

Screen shot of the access section with the request link highlighted

How do I request an item not available at UD using interlibrary loan?

To see items not available in full text, you'll need to turn on the "Expand My Results" option. If an article says "No online access," You'll need to sign in to your library account to see the request options. From there, you'll click the "Request Item through interlibrary loan" link.

screenshot of access section with the words Request through Interlibrary Loan highlighted

How do I renew my books?

Go to your account, then click on loans to renew books. If an item cannot be renewed, you'll need to contact the help center. Please see our updated circulation policies for more information.

Where is the Permalink/ Stable URL?

Permalinks are located in the "Send to" section next to the citation and email buttons.

screen shot of the send to section with the a red box highlighting the permalink option.

Where is the Map It feature and call number for my book?

The "Map It" feature and call numbers are displayed on print books in the brief view of your item under the description. They are also in the Access section of the full item view.

Screenshot of a book with a black arrow pointing toward the map it feature

Where are the full text links and the get it button?

You'll see the words "Available Online" under items that you can get electronically. This link will take you to the view online section of the item where you can use the links available to view your item.

screenshot of a book record with available online link highlighted

Why do some results say "Multiple Versions?"

This is because UD Libraries, Museums and Press owns two or more copies of a book or article. You can click on the title to see which versions are available to you and where they are located.