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ENGL413 - From Photoshop to GIFs

Video Tutorial (14:52)

Downloads & Templates

Dad-Bod Fashion Images

6 images used in Photoshop to GIFs tutorial video and workshop session. (1.7MB .zip folder)

Photoshop Timeline Templates

2 Photoshop files (.psd) to illustrate image layout & for use in conjunction with Photoshop to GIFs tutorial video and workshop session. (29.2MB .zip folder)

Photoshop Collage Template

1 Photoshop file illustrating final collage results.  (23.8MB .zip folder)Fashion Dads Collage

GIF Brewery 3 Download

Mac OS-native conversion app.

Simple online conversion tool.

Video Download

25 second .mp4 video for GIF conversion practice. (33MB - Zoolander/Hansel catwalk at Valentino Fashion Show, 2016)


Final GIF Examples

Six-picture animated GIF image
Three-picture animated GIF image


Video to GIF results using link above

Non-optimized GIF: (21.3MB) - Larger file size, fair quality

Zoolander & Hansel catwalk at Valentino fashion show

Optimized GIF: (6.9MB) - Smaller file size, loss of quality

Zoolander & Hansel catwalk at Valentino fashion show

Inspiration Links (#goals)

Webpages, sent from course instructor, used as inspiration for the instruction session.

Example 1 (Photoshop timeline to GIF): Net-A-Porter Webpage: (2018’S Best Dressed: Fashion Insiders) 

Example 2 (Video to GIF): Jordyn Woods' "First Vogue Shoot"