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POSC270: Introduction to Comparative Politics

This research guide was created for the Spring 2022 POSC270 course.


Welcome to the research guide on Comparative Politics! Here you can find links to "best bet" databases, government websites, datasets, and other helpful tips. 

Questions or having a hard time finding what you need? Email me! You can also set up an individual meeting with me by clicking on the blue button in the lower right-hand corner.

Tips & Tricks for Searching

Finding articles within databases and journals is not the same process you would use to conduct a search in Google or an internet search engine. You cannot type in a question, but rather need to choose specific keywords and phrases to find results. These tips are similar to how you would search for material in DELCAT Discovery. 

Helpful Ways to Search: 

  • Use quotations around a phrase to "tell" the database or journal that you want these words to remain together.
    • Ex: "democratic ideals" 
  • Think of synonyms to your keywords.
    • Ex: democracy, democratization, government structure
  • Use AND/OR to connect words, concepts, and phrases together to receive specified results.
    • Ex: democracy AND United States

Use the Advanced Search option in databases and journals to narrow down by date, region, type of document, and more!