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SOCI341 - Welfare and Society

The Marginalized Voices Honeycomb offers 6 broad categories of sources that can be publishing work on your topic. Fill out the honeycomb with the names of relevant sources that would be engaging with your topic.

Diagram for the Marginalized Voices Honeycomb. In the center is the Topic and branching off from the topic is different types of voices including academic voices, news media, community voices, association and organization reports, public sector reports, and stakeholders and allies.  

Academic Voices  Journal articles, monographs, conference proceedings/presentations, theses and dissertations
News Media Local, community-based, or national reporting. Newspapers, videos, audio, etc.
Community Voices Social media, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, forums
Association and Organization Reports Information publicized by associations and organizations whose operations are related to your topic
Public Sector Reports Government publications, publications from Indigenous self-governance groups, social services like policing, healthcare, etc. 
Stakeholders and Allies  Communities, organizations, nonprofit organizations, companies, etc. affected by or connected to the topic 

Created by Jackie Stapleton, Liaison Librarian, University of Waterloo
Adapted by: Aneta Kwak, Mikayla Redden, Jeff Newman, Liaison Librarians, University of Toronto. 
Last update: March 2023

Where to Find Sources

Basic Search Tips

  • Place quotation marks around keyword phrases

"social welfare"

"food stamps"

  • Capitalize Boolean logic connectors (AND, OR).

poverty OR "low income"
"Social Security Act" AND "unemployment insurance"

  • Click either "View all formats and languages" or "View all editions" to view all library holdings for a particular title.
  • Items at UD appear first in the list of search results. Other items can be requested via interlibrary loan.

Advanced Search Tips

  • Type au:, su: or ti: before your keywords to specify author, subject or title words.